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Supply Chain Management

With hundreds of umbrella companies established, it can be tiresome to keep on top of who offers UK PAYE services, which ones are offshore and which ones offer loan schemes. In addition, providers are using more advanced selling and presentation techniques. Getting to the bottom of who is compliant can be mind-boggling.

At the same time, we are seeing increased legislation aimed at directors of agencies and end-clients and the introduction of the Criminal Finance Act which is specifically aimed at tax avoidance schemes.

The penalties of getting your IR35 status wrong could result in an HMRC investigation, backdated tax demands, interest payments, and even a fine. That’s why it’s more important than ever to use a company like Inline Outsourcing to manage your suppliers.

Insert Inline Outsourcing into your supply chain and we can take responsibility for managing your suppliers, undertaking compliance checks for both new and existing suppliers, and ensuring both umbrellas and providers are indeed who they say they are.

Simple to Implement

With Inline Outsourcing, you have a choice. Engage us as your professional advisor to undertake supply chain compliance checks on an as-and-when basis. Or, use our managed service whereby we become a part of your supply chain and take responsibility for managing and paying your suppliers on your behalf.


    • Remove the risk of criminal prosecution
    • Ensure your supply chain is compliant
    • Meet your client’s obligations around compliance, and know your supply chain
    • Lower costs and retain umbrella commercial arrangements


The price of the service can usually be met by requesting a commercial arrangement with the suppliers. However, costs will vary depending on the size of the supply chain and the frequency of churn. At Inline Outsourcing, we work with you to provide a solution which returns real value for money. For further information and tailored pricing, please contact us.

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