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Off Payroll Public Sector

Full compliance Inline with public sector legislation

New legislation has led to changes in who is responsible for the deduction of tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs), depending on the end-engager or hirer’s determination of the worker’s IR35 status.

From April 2017, it is the fee payer’s responsibility – that is, the last company before the payment of a limited company worker. If the deduction does not take place, the directors of the fee-paying company are personally liable.

A lot of end-engagers are public sector organisations, and they have chosen to take a low-risk approach to the limited company worker’s status, therefore placing them within IR35. The expectation, therefore, is that the workers either operate PAYE, are paid through umbrella companies, or the deduction is taken from the limited company payment.

Inline Outsourcing Services

Inline Outsourcing contracts with the agency and establishes a preferred suppliers list (PSL) of umbrella companies. The result is that the worker gets a choice: depending on their IR35 status and individual circumstances, workers can choose PAYE, umbrella, limited with deductions, and limited gross.

We then facilitate all the compliance and contractual paperwork and process payments each week, fortnight, or month, in-line with our service level agreement (SLA).

Our fully managed service provides complete peace of mind. It truly is an ‘opt-in’ service, so that clients can choose only PAYE and umbrella services that they need, depending on their requirements. As with all of our services, we tailor our approach to each client to ensure optimum value for money.


  • Establish a compliant supply chain
  • Agree a PSL of umbrellas
  • Retain any commercial arrangements that might be in place
  • Workers have a choice of payment options
  • Fully insured
  • HR support
  • Compatible with legislation and reporting requirements

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Inline Outsourcing offers competitive pricing depending on what services are required. We provide each client with a proposal that is individually tailored to their requirements, ensuring value for money. When you work with us, you only pay for the services you want and need. For further information or a free quote, please contact us.

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